Consumer Pack Business

According to the business planning and development strategy of the group, the Consumer Pack Business Unit of Yihai Kerry is mainly responsible for the marketing management of the whole production line and all categories in the consumer goods channel, and the management of the relevant branches and distributors of the consumer goods channel, grasp the real market demand, integrate the marketing resources, continuously improve the market performance of various consumer products, and promote the comprehensive and efficient development of the group's consumer goods business. Consumer Pack Business Unit is devoted to providing nutritious, healthy and safe small package oil, rice, flour, noodles, condiments, daily chemicals products and other high-quality products, so that consumers can enjoy the happiness, warmth and care of Yihai Kerry family.




It has built a strong marketing network and smooth distribution channels covering the whole country according to the professional and efficient marketing team of the Consumer Pack Business Unit, so far in the whole country we have:

31 marketing branches;

25 direct departments;

more than 5600 distributors;

over 120,0000 terminals;

The sales scope covers more than 2800 cities and counties in China.

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