Food Services Business

While a faster lifestyle and higher living standard make takeout and eating-out commonplaces, people are longing for food that are much healthier, more hygienic, and delicious. Yihai Kerry Food Services Business Unit is dedicated to set a higher standard for ingredients in safety, hygiene, healthiness, and quality, taking a lead in the Chinese catering industry.


The unit focuses on scenarios, such as service hotels, social meals, group meals, and central kitchens, and provides integrated services and dish solutions for each group of the customers. Such operations would not be possible without our nationwide distribution network, self-established professional supply chain teams and third-party social e-commerce platforms. In addition, we offer a wide range of products, including edible oil, rice, flour, condiments, drinks, household and personal care products, and imported products. Taking a step further, we are also updating products in central kitchens, like frozen rice and flour products, sauce packets, ready-to-cook dishes, pickled meat products, and prepared vegetables, to meet customers' changing demands.

We take pride in our reliable information sources, efficient personnel services, professional training programs, socialized logistic systems, and unique business model. They are the cornerstones for the best services from our frontline employees and for the corporate strategy to be implemented. Multiple channels in Chinese catering, Western catering, distribution, and e-commerce are put into good use, earning us competitive edges in the fast-growing catering industry. With the help of our professional and efficient brand management and marketing teams, we establish a nationwide marketing network and systematic distribution channels. So far, we have:

27 marketing branches;

More than 2,600 distributors;

More than 300,000 terminal customers;

Sales areas involving more than 2,300 cities and counties.