Food Industry Business

As a premium raw and auxiliary material supplier, Yihai Kerry offers customers product portfolios including specialty oil (i.e. oil for confectionery and chocolate, baking oil, nutritional oil, etc.), industry chocolate, flour, syrup, starch, vegetable protein, Vitamin E, lecithin, food grade glycerol, monoglyceride, ground rice powder, edible alcohol, cereal, premix powder, etc., catering for customers' individual needs. Our products are widely applied to baking, confectionery and chocolate, dairy, dietary supplement, beverages, brewing, frying, liquid non-dairy creamer, frozen food, seasoning and other non-food domains, etc.




We have built strategic partnerships with international and domestic renowned food companies for joint growth through synergized efforts. Over 200 senior researchers and over 100 technical service staffs from Yihai Kerry R&D Center are dedicated to ongoing comprehensive technical solutions and tailor-made services for customers nationwide. Yihai Kerry Food Industry Division is keen to help customers gain better market recognition and success for win-win results!