The Logistics Department of Yihai Kerry mainly focuses on the operation management of logistics departments in our industries and of our logistics enterprises.


As a connecting link of our entire supply chain , we devotes our efforts to building whole supply chain logistics service system for serving our group business.


The management of Logistics covers logistics departments of 130 industries and 32 logistics companies.


The business sector contains:warehousing、trunk transportation、urban transportation 、wharf、container、railway 、shipping agency、shipping. The rich business resources lay the foundation for developing the logistics network vigorously.


For Raw material logistics, we can get a better balance between cost and efficiency through properly planning logistics mode and optimal routes based on the change of transportation market.


Under the guidance of this strategy, we have achieved the "Northern grain transport to the South" and "Import grain transport to the Mainland". Currently, we are making efforts on creating transportation channel for raw materials in middle-Asia and Russia with the support of BR policy of China.


For Manufacturing logistics, we improve the efficiency of loading and unloading in warehouse by shared intensive warehouses and automation facilities.


Deeply integrating with manufacturing industry, we are building the sharing logistics system which can get industrial raw materials and minor ingredient, center catering, cold chain products and other homogenized and complementary FMCG products together.



For terminal retail logistics, we build FMCG B2B logistics public platform by integrating internal and external resources, located distribution centers optimal and unified warehouse allocation. On this logistics public platform, we can reduce our logistics cost and open the retailing channel at the same time so that our products can be quickly distributed.


Currently, there are over 6 million units warehouse, 50 thousands controled vehicles, 11 owned wharfs, 9 shipping agents, 191,700MT shipping capacity, 37km railway transportation lines and over 300 tankers. Our logistics resource is increasing. The network is expanding.


Until now, Yihai Kerry Group has expanding its logistics network in main transportation spots across the country, of which is developing continuous. The logistics network of Yihai Kerry make sure that the flow of raw material supply is fluent, the manufacturing logistics is accurate and immediate, the products can be quickly distributed. The logistics devotes our efforts to helping group business develop rapidly.