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Employee Rights

Yihai Kerry believes that caring for the well-being of employees and helping them fulfill their individual values are important for the Company to achieve sound, long-term development. We fully protect the rights and interests of our employees, build a fair and just employment management system, and create an open, inclusive and diversified cultural atmosphere. The Company pays attention to the self-development of employees,and provides competitive and reasonable compensation, benefits and promotion mechanisms to provide multi-dimensional support for employees in different career stages and positions; creates a healthy and efficient workplace environment; and cares about the physical and mental health and safety of its employees, to promote the mutual development of talent and the enterprises.

  1. Employment and Rights

    We respect and protect the rights and interests of our employees and adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards any employment of child labor or forced labor. In 2021, following the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the Core Convention on Labor Standards promulgated by the International Labor Organization, and the relevant provisions of the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests, and other laws, regulations and normative documents, we established The Human Rights Policy to build labor relations with our employees by following the principles of equality and consensus, resolutely resisting child labor and forced labor, respecting and safeguarding the rights and interests of female employees and the diversity of employees, and insisting on upholding the right of employees to collective bargaining.


        As of December 31, 2021, the total number of employees in the Group was 34,389.


        Staff Recruitment

        Our employees are a valuable resource for Yihai Kerry. The Group has formulated a Recruitment Management System, based on the principles of legality, openness and fairness, following the relevant laws and regulations.


        In the recruitment process, we start from the job responsibilities and requirements, select the best qualified applicants, and resolutely eliminate discrimination in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity, and place of birth, etc.


        In terms of recruitment channel management, we use the combination of online and offline recruitment publicity channels, integrate internal and external recruitment resources, and actively hire talent recommended by industry professionals, headhunting recruiters,and campus recruiters to maximize the value of recruitment resources and embrace employees of different levels and backgrounds.

    A recruitment program with years of experience, the Summer Field Camp helps interns improve their career skills in all areas through subject research, technical training, debriefing and evaluation, and helps the Company identify outstanding talents.


    Project research
    of simulated business scenarios
    Technical training
    to adapt to the transition from school to workplace
    Report evaluation
    outstanding teams and individuals
    Interns are invited to participate in project research in simulated business scenarios, and think innovatively to provide new ideas for solving practical problems. To help interns complete their projects, we provide them with general technical training in the workplace to help them quickly integrate into the workplace atmosphere and adapt to the trans i t ion from campus to workplace in advance. Interns are invited to form "teams" by department to complete various project tasks and a graduation r e p o r t , a n d conduct team evaluations. Outstanding students receive an invitation to attend autumn recruitment interviews.


        At the end of the 2021, the Company had developed nearly 30 topics for the summer camp, half of which were implemented in business activities or were in the process of implementation, successfully helping our departments solve practical problems in business scenarios. We have established a brand influence in university circles. The Company has won the "School Recruitment Case Award" several times and has successfully executed talent front-loading recruitment through the project.

  2. Growth and Development

        Staff Training

        The Group's talent-development strategy involves focusing on internal training, emphasizing succession planning, gradually rejuvenating talent groups, introducing professional talent according to business needs, and strengthening the competition mechanism.

        Relying on the Group's talent-development strategy, we have gradually established a resource system for staff growth and formed a talent training system that encompasses the full coverage of staff, directors, managers and employees. Through colorful programs and targeted training for each department and position, we enhance organizational and professional management capabilities and help the Group develop healthily.


    University student training system

    In 2021, we focused on strengthening the operation and management of projects to effectively implement projects in the enterprise. In the process, a group of outstanding university students and mentors emerged. After layers of selection, we evaluated and awarded 10 outstanding university students and 10 outstanding mentors as "Post Star", "Innovative Execution Star", "Enjoyment Star", and 10 outstanding mentors through the " Cloud " . As of the end of the 2021,the project had covered more than 1,000 university students and more than 500 mentors. During the training period, 21% of the univeristy students were promoted, and their work performance and potential were recognized by the Company.

    New Employee Training System 2.0

    In 2021, we promoted New Employee Training System 2.0, and gradually built a foundation for a new project factory talent training system to meet the needs of factory project construction and development.

    Professional talent training series projects

    In 2021, we continued to promote a series of professional talent training projects, including the training of flour making professionals, the training of Yipin engineers, the training of the inheritors of the ancient orchid flower method, the "five-step training method" for oil extraction engineers, and other professional talent training projects. At the end of 2021,there were 168 registered flour making professionals, 38 trainees in the Yipin Engineer Training Project, 32 trainees in the Orchid Flower Inheritor Training Project, and 30 trainees of the first phase of the "Five-step Training Method" oil extraction engineer training project.

    Executive management skills improvement project

    In 2021, the Company continued to work on the management s k i l l s mprovement p r o j e c t f o r s e n i o r m a n a g e m e n t ,and f u r t h e r optimized and improved the project system.At the end of 2021, 30 new pilot projects had been added, and more adaptive courses and casesharing activities were developedaccording to the needs of relevant personnel.

    Manager training In 2021, to provide better manager training,the Company organized three U+ highpotential manager training courses. To improve the management skills of new managers and support the construction of leadership teams in various departments, the Company developed and organized three leadership courses with the characteristics of Yihai Kerry. In addition,various business divisions and departments organized courses independently; the training covered more than 200 managers.We invited outstanding managers from different departments to join the Group's leadership lecturer group to share their relevant management experience with other managers.
    General Manager training In 2021, to comprehensively and accurately improve management's operational capabilities, the Company cooperated with universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University and Fudan University to introduce excellent external experience, and promote various learning and training exchanges. To help the general marketing managers improve their operational capabilities and to benchmark their job responsibilities,we launched two phases of the “Together to Win the Future” project to improve the general managers' operational capabilities, empower the general marketing managers and professional directors of various channels and projects, etc. More than 100 management members participated in the project. Through onsite learning, co-creation seminars,reporting, oral defense and guidance,field visits, etc., they set goals,sought challenges, strengthened learning, engaged in transformation,had opport u n i ties to practi c e ,learned about different cultures, and comprehensively and accurately improved their operating ability.


        “The "New - Star Future" Student Training Program

        In 2019, the Company launched the "New - Star Future" university student training program, which provides three and a half years of systematic training for fresh university graduates. The overall training cycle of the project is carried out in three stages: (1) the “professional backbone”, (2) “high potential talent”, and (3) “echelon talent”. This ensures that the graduates have a clear training orientation when they join the Company. By matching graduates with corresponding mentors and leveraging systematic operations, the graduates receive systematic training. Each stage has a clear training goal, and the trinity of "learning, doing and enjoying" is combined with management training, project practice,and mentor communication to help the graduates achieve the goal of "knowledge, action and change".


         Employee Promotion

        Yihai Kerry has an excellent promotion management system and incentive mechanism. We established a ranking system with job value as the core, set up management promotion channels and technical/professional promotion channels for different types of employees, and set up a scientific job salary system to provide employees with attractive career-development opportunities.

        We established the "Staff Promotion Management System", the "Promotion Assessment Management Specifications", and the "Organizational Development Work Guidelines Manual", which regulate the ranking system, promotion process, and qualification requirements. We also established a clear performance management system, supplemented by a comprehensive assessment mechanism. For example, for the promotion of managers and senior managers, we set up a centralized reporting and evaluation model, which makes the selection of key talent more accurate and the dimensions of evaluation more comprehensive, and allows the internal sharing of talent information.

        In our promotion work, we use scientific talent assessment tools to identify the performance and potential of talent, and through a comprehensive assessment of employees' ability and development potential, we select outstanding employees with great moral values, talent and performance, and promote them to higher levels or ranks.

  3. Compensation and Benefits

        The Company provides competitive salaries and benefits for employees. We pay all social insurance on time following the relevant national regulations, continuously improve the welfare protection system, and standardize labor management. We established a Compensation Management System to provide diverse compensation packages and incentives, such as annual salary increases and year-end bonuses for employees in different positions. In the future, the Company will also consider setting up a bonus and dividend refund and clawbacks for executives to protect the rights and interests of shareholders.

        The Company follows the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China,and other laws and regulations to ensure that employees enjoy legal holidays, paid annual leave, and other leave stipulated by national laws and regulations and the Group's system, so that employees can enjoy the right for reasonable rest and leave. The Company also provides employees with benefits such as annual festival benefits, birthday benefits, wedding gifts, maternity gifts,and annual health checkups, so that employees can feel the care of the Company.

  4. Communication and Care

        Employee Care

        We are committed to creating a comfortable office environment and a warm working atmosphere for our employees, and we value humanistic care for their physical and mental health, work balance and work experience. We have established a sound employee care system, encourage our employees to develop hobbies and enhance their physical fitness, organize various employee activities,and respond to the needs of our employees to strengthen the construction of facilities in the working environment.


    “Events on "Inter- national Women's Day" We prepared souvenirs for female employees and made beautiful desserts for them. We also organized various courses and game activities, such as fragrance lectures, succulents planting, soap making, and treasure hunts, to enrich the lives of our female employees after work.
    Room for the mums The Company has a lactation room, which provides a warm and comfortable environment. A partition is set up to protect the privacy of breastfeeding employees.
    Awarding outstanding female employees during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees remained on the front line to continue work and production. Many outstanding female employees showed a spirit of courage in the fight against the pandemic, and contributed to the fundrasing for pandemic revention materials and the protection of corporate materials and capital turnover. We recorded the actions of outstanding female employees during the pandemic and awarded them for their outstanding contributions.


        The Company set up a help fund for the concern about the financial situation of employees in difficulty and with serious illnesses.In 2021, a sudden flood disaster occurred in Henan Province, which affected several of our employees and their families. The Company invited employees from all departments to make donations and applied for subsidies for each affected employee through the labor union to help tide them over through the difficulties.


        Employee Communication

          "Respecting employees' demands" is one of the main ways to protect employees' rights and interests. We maintain good and effective communication with our employees, open up and continuously improve our communication system and channels, listen to their suggestions and requests, and set up regular communication and other flexible, long-term communication channels.

    • We conduct regular employee meetings, seminars, and departmental meetings, and an annual satisfaction engagement survey to collect employee feedback and respond to the issues.
    • We set up channels to receive employees' opinions on a continual, long-term basis, such as suggestion boxes and online channels.
    • We organize trade union meetings on a regular basis.