Occupational Health and Safety

Management Team and Management System

    The core values of Yihai Kerry clearly define the management concept of "Health and Safety and Harmonious Sharing". We established a production safety responsibility system for all employees, and a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system supported by a comprehensive safety process of production, with the overall framework of "Safety and Health Policy", "Safety and Health Guidelines", and "Safety and Health Standards". In addition, with the update of national laws and regulations, we will review and improve our safety and health management system regularly.

    The Group Safety Committee is composed of the core management of the Group and the corresponding professional and technical leaders. Based on the operation and management status of the Company's plants, the Group Safety Work Objective and Work Plan are formulated to guide the plants to implement safety management in a standardized and efficient manner.


  We has established a two-tier coordinated EHS management organizational structure from the group to plant level. The Group EHS plans the overall management of production safety, and the plant sets up a special EHS department with full-time and part-time production safety management personnel, which clarifies the safety responsibilities at all levels of the plants and works on standardized and refined management of production safety.


    We guides its plants to manage systematically according to the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system standard; 64.6% of the Company's plants obtained ISO45001 system certification in 2021. We will continue to encourage more of its plants to obtain the relevant system certification.


  1. Safety and Health Production


    Based on the "Safety and Health Code", "Safety and Health Standard", and other systems, the Group has built a comprehensive emergency management system, formulated comprehensive plans, special plans and on-site processing plans to deal with various emergencies, established a fulltime and part-time emergency handling team, and is equipped with sufficient emergency equipment and materials to ensure a rapid response in case of emergency. In addition, we have provided emergency capability training for all employees and has taken the initiative to establish good communication with neighboring enterprises and relevant functional departments of local governments, and regularly conducts targeted joint drills.

    In 2021, to create a good production safety environment, we formulated the Safety and Occupational Health Improvement Plan for Special Projects, configured dust-removal facilities for areas where dust hazards exist, and set up gas monitoring and abatement facilities for areas where toxic substances may exist. We conduct regular monitoring for various occupational disease hazards that may exist at the production site and remind and inform employees through bulletin boards, information cards, warning signs, etc.We strictly complies with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations, implements effective health monitoring measures for employees in positions exposed to occupational disease hazards, implements pre-job, injob and off-job/transfer occupational health monitoring and screening, continuously monitors the physical health condition of operators, and establishes a one-person, one-file employee occupational health monitoring file, which effectively prevents the occurrence of occupational diseases.

  2. Occupational Health and Safety Training

        To increase awareness of personnel safety, the Group formulated the Safety Training System and conducts occupational health and production safety training regularly for everyone, including employees of subsidiaries and related parties (such as workers,construction parties and visitors), achieving full coverage of safety training for employees. In 2021, we conducted health and safety training for a total of 820,000 hours, covering 100% of plant employees and all related parties (such as contract workers, construction subcontractors, and visitors).


    Health and Safety Training Highlights Program

    Activity "Hand Dictation"

    Through the operation activity "Hand dictation", employees are encouraged to strictly abide by the posted safety regulations,integrated their knowledge with action and behavior, and avoid accidents caused by unsafe operations.

    Management Performance Training

    We organize duty performance ability training for management, establish a duty performance checklist and action plan, and guide management to perform statutory safety production responsibilities in accordance withlaws and regulations.

    Special Activities to Promote Storage

    and Transportation Logistics Safety

    We focus on the difficulties and limitations of the Company's storage, transportation and logistics segments. We have effectively improved the safety management and accident prevention capabilities of the storage and transportation logistics sector by carrying out special safety activities to identify hidden dangers, control risks, and increase awareness.

    External Expert Visits

    We hire external senior experts to carry out risk inspection, comprehensively deepen the dual prevention mechanism of risk inspection and hidden danger inspection and management, and focus on resolving major risks related to the safety management of hazardous chemicals and explosion-related dust management and control.

    Safety Experience Room

    We set up a safety experience room, design "experiential, immersing" training, instead of traditional classroom lecture-style safety education, effectively increasing employees' self-safety awareness, and significantly enhancing the effectiveness of safety training and education and the experience of safety training.


  3. Employee Health


    Healthy diet

    We pay close attention to the health of its employees, and at the same time takes advantage of its own food business to develop nutritional programs for employees through multiple channels and conduct regular recipe and menu development. For example, we use the corporate Chinese restaurant as a pilot site to research various kinds of seasonal and signature dishes to ensure the taste of food while taking into account nutrition and health. It uses the bakery and cafe as an R&D site to provide employees with meals such as healthy light meals and fat reduction meals to provide a safe and healthy diet for people with special health and fitness needs.


    Employee medical checkups

    We organizes annual physical examinations for all employees and provides 24-hour accidental injury and accidental medical insurance protection for them. In addition to regular health checkups, we make humane adjustments in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as adding CT lung examinations and helping employees to get regular health checkups. To care for the physical and mental health of female employees, we arrange several medical checkups to screen for common female diseases. After the annual health checkup, we arrange for experts to give health lectures and explanations to provide professional health guidance to employees.


    Outbreak Prevention and Control

    To cope with possible local outbreaks of COVID-19 pandemic,we established a sound outbreak prevention and control mechanism. We maintain close communication with the government and the community and formed an outbreak communication group to share timely information related to any outbreaks and vaccinations. In the workplace, in addition to daily pandemic prevention measures, such as site disinfection and wearing masks, we established a management response mechanism for regional outbreak situations and close contact with personnel to manage employees and organize home vaccination services for employees to protect their health.


    Health Activities

    We organize various sports clubs for employees, including basketball, soccer, badminton, table tennis, swimming,dancing, and yoga. The employees established a management body and formulated a management system and check-in system.Every year, we organize fellowships or tournaments with external companies to enrich the life of our employees.