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ESG Policy
In December 2013, Wilmar International, the parent company of Yihai Kerry, announced its NDPE (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation) policy for palm gardens and palm products. The core policy covers wilmar's global palm oil business and third-party suppliers throughout its supply chain.  It aims to promote sustainable development of the palm oil industry.  


  • No Deforestation
    No development of High Carbon of High Carbon Stock(HCS)Forest
    No development of High Conservation Value(HCV) Areas
    No burning
  • No Development on Peat
    Progressively reduce greenhouse gas(GHG)emissions on existing plantations
    Best Management Practices for existing plantations on peat
    Where feasible,explore options for peat restoration by working with expert stakeholders and communities
  • No Exploitation of People and Local Communities
    Respect and recognize the rights of all workers including contract,temporary and migrant workers
    Facilitate the inclusion of smallholders into the supply chain
    Free,Prior and Informed Consent(FPIC)from indigenous and local communities to operations on lands to which they hold legal,communal or customary rights
    Resolve all complaints and conflicts through an open,transparent and consultative process