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Energy Saving

Yihai Kerry strictly complies with the relevant laws and regulations in the places of operation,continuously strengthens energy management under the Company's Environmental Policy,and continuously monitors energy consumption through its data-management platform. The Group uses information technology to effectively manage energy data. We established the PIMS data monitoring system and the Enablon data statistics platform to track and record the energy consumption data in our factories. The energy management team regularly analyses and evaluates these energy consumption data and makes relevant recommendations to the factories for improvement. In 2021, the coverage of energy consumption monitoring among Yihai kerry's factories had reached to 100%.

In addition, the Group is piloting an energy data kiosk project to develop a display system specifically for energy data statistics with a real-time display. The project is expected to achieve initial results by April 2022 and is planned to cover all of the Group's normally operating factories in the future.

We encourage all factories to establish energy management systems under the ISO 50001 standard to improve their energy management. At the end of the 2021, 37.4% of the Group's factories had obtained energy management system certification, and we will continue to increase the proportion of factories with energy management system certification in the future.

Energy-saving initiatives
Continuous Energy-saving Actions Administrative office energy-saving measures
  • All factories are encouraged to carry out energysaving actions every year to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. In 2021, 52.5% of the Group's factories undertook energy-saving actions, implementing 257 energy-saving projects and investing approximately RMB 264 million.
  • Through energy-saving methods such as waste heat recovery, replacement of high-efficiency equipment, installation of LED lighting fixtures, and installation of variable frequency regulators, it is estimated that approximately 230 thousands tons of coal equivalent can be saved and approximately 386 thousands of CO2e of GHG emissions can be reduced.
  • Control the use of lights, air conditioners and ventilaters.
  • Set freezer temperatures at a reasonable level to reduce energy consumption.
  • Monitor water quality, and clean the filters in heat exchangers and air conditioner regularly.
  • Set the air-conditioners in energy-saving mode.
  • Add blackout curtains to reduce the load on air conditioners.
  • Adopt LED energy-saving lamps for the lighting system.
  • Adopt automatic sensor controls for parking lot lighting.
  • Turn off lights and air conditioners in unoccupied places.