Sustainable Package

Yihai Kerry is committed to reducing the environmental impact of packaging in the production, distribution and recycling process. Using the national standard GB/T 16716 Packaging and Environment as our guide, we carry out sustainable packaging projects, systematically optimize packaging materials and product design, and continuously develop environmentally friendly product packaging to fulfill our corporate environmental and social responsibilities.

enlightenedTarget:Currently, the percentage of recyclable packaging materials used by Yihai Kerry exceeds 90%,we plan to continue to improve this percentage


Yihai Kerry set targets related to packaging material composition and recycling, and uphold the 4R1D (i.e. reduce, reuse, recycle,recovery, and degradation) principles in our operations,implement the 3R strategy for packaging, and minimize the environmental impact of packaging materials based on the principles of reduction at source, reduction in process, and reduction at the end.


To meet our functional packaging needs while still meeting consumer (user) expectations, we systematically redesigned our product packaging, and reduced the use of packaging materials by using new materials and changing the physical appearance.
  • By optimizing the packaging design, we reduced the use of the plastics by 262 tons and the glass by 140 tons in 2021.
  • We reduced the use of plastic by 1,334 tons in 2021 by replacing plastic with new materials.
  • By using high-performance materials and innovations in equipment and packaging, we reduced the use of the plastics by 1,058 tons in 2021.
  • We optimized the use of material and reduced the amount of paper used.

We improved the reuse of packaging materials and reduced packaging waste.

  • In logistics storage and transportation stage, we replaced packaging materials and used recyclable containers to improve the packaging recycling rate.
We adjusted packaging material formulations and optimized the structural design to make it easy to recycle the packaginjg materials.
  • For packaging materials that do not come into direct contact with food, we promoted the use of recycled plastic, which ensures product quality and safety, while reduces the use of plastic because of recycling.
  • We standardized the design of our packaging materials to facilitate their recycle.


The Company evaluates and continuously optimizes the use of all packaging materials every year. In 2021, we reduced the use of plastics by 2,655 tons and glass materials by more than 140 tons by implementing several sustainable packaging projects. Through several annual packaging reduction programs, we reduced use of packaging materials for our products by an average of 14%. We added about 7,400 reusable containers, which are estimated to save more than 70,000 cartons during their whole life cycle. And we recycled at least 6,733 tons of plastics through the rational use of the recyclable plastics.


    Advocating packaging sorting and recycling

The Company prioritizes supporting consumers to accurately sort and recycle packaging after use. For example, the plastic packaging bottles and caps of our packaged oil products are marked with the plastic code; and metal packaging has the recyclable packaging logo printed on it. In the future, we plan to gradually add packaging recycling marks, material identification marks of packaging components, and packaging recycling guideline marks to recyclable product packaging under the national standard GB/T18455 Packaging Recycling Marks when products are replaced. We will reformat our packaging to help consumers accurately classify and recycle our product packaging.